Porcelain Dental Crowns

Thousands of patients have visited the Center for Contemporary Dentistry to repair their smile using crowns, onlays and bridges. These three items are the most reliable and predictable restorations used to replace missing teeth or repair a fractured, chipped or decayed tooth.

The crown is a tooth-shaped COVERING that is placed over the broken or weakened existing tooth. The tooth may have had a very large filling that covers more than 2⁄3 of the tooth’s size, cracks that may or may not cause pain, a large cavity or broken piece, or it may have had a root canal that has decreased the integrity of the tooth. The covering, that may be constructed of porcelain, gold or zirconia is placed on the tooth to restore its appearance and function and will act as a permanent splint that holds the underlying natural tooth together.

In some cases patient’s teeth have become severely worn when there is a grinding habit. The grinding, improper bite, or other habits can cause excessive wear that damages the teeth. Placing dental crowns (caps) can restore the natural size and shape of the worn teeth.

Other functions of dental crowns include helping dental bridges and partial dentures to stay in place, to help the overall appearance of teeth, to place on a tooth implant, and to correct some malaligned teeth where orthodontics did not work or was not an option.

Our office offers a choice in the type of crown available to restore your tooth. Crowns are made of a variety of materials that can be color matched to your existing teeth and can have varying strength depending on the location placed in the mouth.


Our most esthetic, conservative crown, contains no metal. Customized shading for the most natural look while conserving your natural tooth structure as compared with conventional crowns. Durable, however not recommended for second or third molars, OR first molars for patients with severe clenching or grinding habits.


Older technology, but time tested very durable crown which offers good esthetics for back teeth other than second or third molars; may be advantageous for endodontically treated teeth.


Our strongest crown. Recommended for any molars and especially for
patients who clench or grind their teeth.

Trios 3 Shape Scanning

Our technological advances in dentistry has delivered one of the most non invasive advanced impression systems introduced in decades. No longer do we use the jelly like impression materials in trays. Our TRIOS 3 Shape Scanner provides an alternate method to taking impressions of teeth for crowns, bridges, Invisalign braces, night guards and partial dentures. Using this CAD/CAM technology provides our dentists with a high quality digital impression that can be sent directly to our labs via secured online communication.

Some advantages are:

  • Scans are sent directly to labs to begin fabrication which creates quicker turnaround time
  • Fewer appointments needed
  • Fewer “remakes” due to increased accuracy
  • More Comfortable than traditional impressions

About our Dental Office in Madison, Mississippi

Our clinic was designed to enhance and facilitate color matching of cosmetically placed crowns. The generous windows in the dental operatories face north to take full advantage of nature’s best lighting– the north light. Even the colors on the walls were chosen to facilitate the delicate art of shade-taking for your teeth. These and other subtle, important details which were incorporated into the dental office design are underlying hints that tell you that the details matter to us.

Especially when it comes to restoring your smile!